Dr. Jacks removed a resorbing tooth which was seriously damaged and had to be taken in pieces. He did amazing work while keeping me informed and checking on my well-being throughout....even adding a touch of humor which helped me relax. He and his staff are thoughtful and thorough. He is an excellent surgeon I highly recommend!

Peggy B.

I first met Dr. Jacks in April of 2018 for TMJ treatment, specifically for my left temporomandibular joint meniscus. My joint had been dislocated due to an injury I sustained during an orthodontia appointment. I was experiencing extensive jaw and neck pain, limited jaw mobility, and headaches. My diet was limited to liquids/soft foods, and I felt pain with talking, yawning, sneezing, etc. Dr. Jacks devised a treatment plan and he successfully executed it. He is a problem-solver. He did not want to merely manage the pain, he wanted to fix the problem. He provided exceptional care with thorough explanations, extensive experience with a variety of treatment options, and personal phone calls to check on my progress. With every visit he evaluated my condition, listened to all my concerns, and provided a post-surgical plan for physical therapy. My quality of life improved exponentially due to his treatment. In numerical terms, my vertical range of jaw motion went from 21 mm (greatly below normal) to 40 mm (normal range). I emphatically recommend him and trust that he will do everything possible to provide anyone with the utmost comprehensive and professional treatment and experience that every patient desires.

Kori K.

Previous "very difficult" extraction with another provider. This was a breeze; so much "better" than I expected. Wish I had Dr. Jacks in 1974. Thank you for you wit, workplace comfort, AND your wonderful skill.

Susan H.

Eased my fear. Great staff & Dr.

Barbara W.

Dr. Jacks is the only Oral Surgeon in over 100 miles with the experience to perform my complex surgery. Under sedation, he placed Zygomatic implants and dental implants to support my upper denture. Shortly after my surgery, he had to travel to the East Coast, but he called me constantly to check on me. As I was healing, if I ever felt anything concerning, Dr. Jacks would get me into his office the same day. He is the most caring doctor I have ever had. Now, I can't stop smiling!

Celesta R.

Probably the first truly pleasant time I had in a dentist's chair! Asleep, of course.

Leslie T.

Everyone was very friendly and accommodating for a last minute procedure.

Maryann B.

Good, clear explanation from Dr. Jacks of what is going on. I really appreciate that!

Pamela P.

I found the office staff, dental assistant and especially Doctor Jacks to be friendly, easy to talk to, interested in my dental needs and straightforward with regard to my out-of-pocket costs.
I had to have a molar with broken crown extracted. After the third injection of local anesthetic I did not experience any pain during the procedure. I found this remarkable, in view of the challenge posed by absence of a tooth, above the gum line, to pull on. I am very grateful I was referred to Doctor Jacks for this oral surgery. I highly recommend him.

Daniel W.

I found his military background interesting as he's not only seen a lot of extreme cases but he's done a lot of hands on work. I learned that he was not only a top area surgeon, but also an instructor and that made a difference to me. He is the guy the emergency rooms prefer to work with in emergency reconstruction. But what sold me on Dr. Jacks was my interview; He talked to me eye to eye, instead of down his nose like many of the other top surgeons did. I found him extremely, but not overtly, confident that he could handle my case and that he'd been there before.

In summary, I feel as if my due diligence paid off. His staff was absolutely beyond any expectation, and past competent. They worked really hard with the schedule to get my surgery done earlier than originally quoted (remember, most of my of teeth were gone or broken). The day of the surgery (I had all my teeth pulled out) went off like clock work. The aftercare is ongoing and again, excellent. While I would never wish my circumstances on anyone, I would completely recommend Dr. Jacks and his staff to anyone who asked.

M. McFarlane